Case Study: Mi Dolce Truffletillas

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Pastillas are the key product of MI Dolce Truffletillas and the product quality is essential for the success of the business. In order to ensure product quality, the management will emphasize cleanliness and sanitation, use quality ingredients, and will always be sure all pastillas are properly prepared. Innovations are also an important factor in the growth and success of the company. Mi Dolce Truffletillas will start by offering a variety of options from simple flavors to more delightful ones as well as different kinds of numerous decorations styles for all types of occasions. However, to grow as a business, it is important for Mi Dolce Truffletillas to innovate their product. To do so, the business will continually work to develop
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Strategies for making consumers aware of the store will include advertising and hosting a grand opening. Offering free samples of the tasty treats at the grand opening may lead to both costumer interest and desire. As customers try the delicious delights, they will be less hesitant about making a purchase. By simply building customer awareness, interest and desire customer purchases will increase, raising company sales. Being located in a small town, public relations will also be important for the …show more content…
Doing so, will not only help to Mi Dolce TRuffletillas receive more business from locals, but will also increase the company’s chance of referrals in other towns. A few ways MI Dolce Truffletillas will utilize public relations is through community involvement such as taking part in community activities, sponsoring local events, or donating gift certificates or groceries for the fundraisers. This will show the company’s desire to be involved and help out the community, which is extremely appealing to community members. It will also provide positive exposure for the company. Public relations will be essential for Mi Dolce Truffletillas to be successful.

Here are the lists of Promotion that Mi Dolce Truffletillas will do:
1. Facebook Page – since Facebook is one of the top social media used by the people, Mi Dolce Truffletillas used this to increase brand awareness of the product. It is less expensive and easy to use. Just post whatever related to the product or the company and it will lead to the customers easily without hassle
2. Product Promo - in order to be effective of brand awareness, MI Dolce Truffletillas will have promotion on the product, product sampling, or anything that is free to attract the customer
3. Loyalty Card – to create loyalty to the customer, loyalty card is the best program. Customers always prefer company the offer discount or that can save on they

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