Past, Present & Future Paper

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The University of Phoenix offers business degree programs geared toward working adults. These programs allow full-time professionals the opportunity to advance their education while maintaining a career. The Bachelor of Science in Business Management program focuses upon developing managerial, decision-making and evaluative skills. By completing individual and group assignments, the University aims to provide an education that is both academic and practical to everyday work experience. It was this aspect of the University of Phoenix that drew me to enroll as a student in this program.

I began my studies at the University of Phoenix in December 1997. The ability to learn in a classroom lecture setting and to apply knowledge toward group
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My ability to communicate, on the other hand, had been well developed owing to the benefit of working in sales and relying upon effective communication as a means of earning a living. However, I still found it very difficult to speak in front of large audiences. Before being required to do so as part of the University's course of study, my public speaking experience was extremely limited and, therefore, speaking would bring about a great deal of anxiety.

Finally, in working with people in a team environment, I had little experience prior to enrolling in the University. The sales profession is naturally competitive. Job satisfaction and compensation are based primarily upon individual success. It was this area that I felt would present the strongest challenge and, with it, the largest opportunity for learning and growing.

The terminal objectives of the business program included becoming not only comfortable, but also proficient in all of the areas mentioned above (University of Phoenix, 1997). Primary goals of the curriculum included the ability to articulate ethical standards, shape attitudes, establish a solid and deep base of business knowledge and the development of strong written and oral communication skills. Special emphasis was also placed upon the ability to get along with and work effectively with

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