Essay on Past Present Future - Original Writing

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Past Present Future
Tykina Anderson
University of Maryland University College

Past Present Future

I was in high school when I got my first job I was a cashier at a grocery store. Back then I didn’t understand anything I was just there for a check to have money in my pocket while I was in school. So my first customer was this lady and she was rude and impatient and I didn’t understand why. I felt like I was moving as fast as I could mind you I was in training. I grew with that company and I was fastest cashier they had. A year went buy and I was doing great at my job. I had regular’s that would come in speak do some shopping around. On this day my line started to get long I could see people in the line getting upset a little fidgety. This woman was next in line, I begin to ring up her items she says to me “took you long enough” I said well ma’am it is a lot of people in here I do apologize about the wait. That did not satisfy her she begins to bad mouth me call me names. I didn’t understand why she had a problem waiting. When you go to a grocery store you should be prepared to wait you never know what may happen while you are standing in line. Sometimes it’s a shift change, beak, or you could be low on money and need assistant with balancing the draw out. Then its customers that have questions, need assistance with price change. That can hold up the line also. My grandmother always told me that patience was a virtue and I never understood that until then in…

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