Passion And Reason In Mede Passion Vs. Reason

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Register to read the introduction… No one has one without the other. Both passion and reason have its own strengths and weakness which expresses through the main characters of Medea. Through the behaviors of Medea, many strength and weakness of passion are seen. For Medea, Passion is able to become strength and motivation for her reprisal. In text, Medea’s abundant love for Jason causes her to do anything for him, including sacrificing her own family. On the other hand, Medea’s excessive hatred overpowers her mind and becomes overboard with her actions. For instance, Medea plans “Next after [killing the princess]; for [she] shall kill [her] own children” (P.26). Medea killing her own children will surely be the most evil act of humanity and all result from immoderate passion. Also, positive and negative aspects of logic are shown through Jason’s arguments. Strength of being rational is to be able to think about the positive and negative of things before making a decision. For example, “when [Jason] [arrives] here from the land of Iolcus … [he] [is], in every kind of difficulty,” he exclaims, “what luckier chance could [he] have come across than this, an exile to marry the daughter of the king?”(P.18). The outcomes of Jason’s plan have far more advantages than disadvantages. However, an extremity of reasoning may lead to neglecting the feelings of others. For instance, Jason neglects Medea’s love. Even though both have positive and negative aspects, in …show more content…
The extremity of passion and reason are revealed in the play Medea. Jason played a role of a rationalist and Medea an irrationalist. Via Medea’s superfluous passion, disastrous events occur in which guilt and grief will accompany Medea for the rest of her life. On the other hand, Jason is left with nothing due to his acute logical mind. His inconsideration for feelings and desire for acquisition are all causes of Jason’s denouement. Through the events in the story, properties, reason and passion have its own strength and weakness. Too much passion could lead to poor choices. On the contrary, de trop reasoning could lead one to a stone-heart. Both Jason and Medea possess an extremity of passion or reason which proves to be their hamartia. Even though each attribute has its own strength and weakness people should have a harmonic balance between reason and passion. Only then would one be ideal in making decisions. Just like in life, everything needs to have a

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