Partnership For Patients And Health Care Essay

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Partnership for Patients Alternative This policy directly addresses the trust amongst patients and health care institutions when seeking care (Clancy, 2011). In this plan, the stakeholders move from doctors and nurses tending to patients to leaders of hospitals, advocates, and leading health care professionals in a collaborative movement of designating better protocol for safer quality care. This landmark initiative has two fundamental goals underlying its foundation: preventing patients from being harmed while in the hospital and reducing the number of preventable readmissions following discharge from the hospital (Clancy, 2011). In-person meetings and national conference calls have been initiated through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to develop interaction and exchanges between leaders and providers (Clancy, 2011). Some of the activities underway are: (1) developing, testing, and making specific and useful tools to prevent adverse events and readmissions; (2) spreading successful innovations to more diverse settings; and (3) identifying private sector initiatives with useful tools or generated exemplary results (Clancy, 2011). These active engagements in various sectors of society and health care provides for a more collaborative team effort in both public and private partnerships. This model provides hard figures in regards to investments and goals, but did not specify costs with these risks. For example, CMS stated its commitment of $1 billion from…

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