Intimate Partner Violence Research Papers

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Today in my paper, I will be talking about how intimate partner violence, which has a big impact on people who are in relationships, and how it leads to violence in a relationship or worse. In many cases, there are always some reasons for a husband or significant other to think that it is right to put their hands on their partner just because something they did wrong. In other cases, or if they had an argument, the only way to settle the disagreement is by putting their hands on them. Furthermore in my research paper about intimate partner violence, but husband hitting lead to bad causes to their wife. In today’s world, violence is everywhere especially amongst couples. It seems crazy to the amount of violence that goes on in an everyday relationship. Women seem to be the victim of this situation mostly. Such issue is not only on the news, but in our neighborhood and even in schools. I wonder what could make a partner so angry that leads him/her to hit his/her partner and let bruises on his/her face. It may result to death sometimes. Other times, body parts are broken or even worse. The thought of a partner putting his/her hands on the other one without any consequences is slim to nothing, so why do it? I believe if a partner or significant other decides to put …show more content…
In chapter 5, Dr.Lee Jong talks about women in these dangerous situations are usually scared. Some of them are getting abused by their husband and they are too afraid to tell anyone about what is going on. They may be afraid of the husband finding out about them telling other people. Also another thing that they would do is put make up on to cover their pain especially when their husband somehow punch them in the eyes. Also because of crazy abuse, women could not stay in the same house to me seeing that is not a good feeling to know that or hear about

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