Agreeableness, Emotionality, Extraversion And Openness

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1. The five big personality traits are Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Emotionality, Extraversion and Openness. Every one of these personality traits can be beneficial to the performance of an employee. Agreeableness relates to how an employee will interact with others. While being conscientiousness will be organized. Emotionality depending on positive or negative can benefit the company if employees cared and were Intune to their feelings. Whereas extraversion relates to how well an employee can relate to others and preform to higher standards in their work environment. Last but not least is openness and refers to an employee’s willingness to accept new ideas. All of these traits have the ability to improve employees if they are on the positive …show more content…
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs suggests that everyone has to have a set of needs met before they are able to perform properly in their duties at work. Whereas the two factor theory suggests job satisfaction relates solely on two issues, hygiene and motivation. Although, both theories can be argued either way I feel it’s accurate to say that each theory can hold truth for some and not for others. Every day we encounter individuals that learn differently and interpret situations differently. However, keeping these theories in mind is highly beneficial for employers the issue would lie in determining where each individual fell on the spectrum.
4. Participative management programs can improve employee satisfaction because they are offering their employees a voice. Naturally, everyone has idea and some not as abrupt as others will keep them in until there is a request for them. However, just because an employee has a go with the flow personality it does not mean they do not want to be heard. Personally, I can foresee how giving employees a voice can be beneficial and lead to issues within the company. Ultimately, working in a company where employees feel valued and appreciated I believe would boost
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Considering I am currently a student and I am much older than the normal student I would suggest college students are happy once they are out there earning a pay check because the money is probably better than they had earned prior to earning a degree. I am certain that the fall back of being happy in their job market is due to how the job industries have a high turnover rate and the desire for younger employees to live life and act their age. Ultimately, when individuals mature they preparing more for careers over jobs just do fill time and bring in a pay check.
8. I would relay to anyone who was searching for more fulfillment in their work to perhaps ask if there are extra duties or different duties they had not be required to attend to before. Sometimes breaking up the routine can improve the level of an employee’s work but their mood as well.
9. If I were starting my own business I would hire life coaches because even though my employees would be qualified for the positions I am aware they have a life and responsibilities outside of the office. I would have goals set in place for us in the office and if we met them they would be reward. Also I would implement a day each month or every two months if it got too expensive where we would all par take in team building and spending the day together doing something fun and building better

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