Part-Time Indian Reflection

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What new skills did you gain?
As I worked on my ISP throughout this course, I used note taking skills, I used prior knowledge and I also made sure to read the title of each chapter to predict what was going to happen.

Firstly, I believe that I was able to improve on my note taking skills because since I already had a thesis in mind, I was able to find the most important events and quotes prove my statement. This also allowed me to take relevant and focused notes. Secondly, by using information that I had researched for my ISP Statement, I was able to go in knowing the history and lifestyle of the Spokane reservation. This helped to improve my understanding of why Junior experienced the things that he did. For example, I researched some information about hydrocephalics and that justified why Junior felt
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To begin, this book stood out to me because of the style of writing, since it was told by a fourteen-year-old boy, it was very touching when he explained his hardships when facing his bullies. This was written in a very entertaining way because he was able to shine a light on every situation, which made for a heart wrenching, yet hilarious read. Secondly, I chose to read it because Junior is very relatable to me. For example, Junior’s is a typical teeanger who is lanky, walks weirdly, speaks with a lisp and a stutter, has acne. He has also put himself out in the dating field where he had developed his first few “crushes” and goes through all the teenage struggles about wondering if a boy/girl likes them. I too can relate to Junior because a few years ago, I was trying to find my identity and was in my awkward teenager stage and it just makes me cringe when reading the book. Lastly, the setting of the novel really intrigued. This novel takes place on the Spokane Indian Reservation, which made it unique and really taught me lots about how poorly First Nations are

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