Essay on Part A Brawl Of Mickey 's Backyard

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Part A: A Brawl in Mickey 's Backyard
Question 1
In a chart, diagram, or paragraph form, identify the primary and secondary (or market and nonmarket) stakeholder groups influencing or influenced by SunCal’s plans to develop a 26-acre site in the resort district.
Stake holders who influence market and non-market business are the following:
• Market
Customers, Stockholders and Employees.
• Non-market
Government and communities.
Question 2 Explain why each stakeholder group identified in question 1 is in favour of, or opposed to, SunCal’s plans to build condominiums in the resort district.
Market Stakeholders
• Customer were getting influenced by Walt Disney as he wanted all the customers to go through a special unique experience. He did not want public to feel same as in general world when they are in Disney Land.

• Employees including unions were in favour of SunCal’s plan as they realised that it would help them to save money, where they pay as rent. Moreover, it would help employees to reach faster rather than commuting for long distance.

• Stockholders in the company will be the one group that will mostly affected as these plans would affect their profit. Walt Disney want customers to go through special feeling when they are in Disney land and he thinks it would be affected if the houses are constructed.

Non-Market Stakeholders
• Government being one of the stakeholder, they will form an agreement for restraining the construction which might distress…

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