Parse's Theory And Case Study Of Humanistic Nursing Theory

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Parse’s Theory and Case study Parse’s theory of human becoming offers new ways of relating to and being with dying persons and their families. The goal of nursing practice within this theory is to ensure the quality of life for patient and families who are going through such a huge transition in meeting their needs that can help the patient cope with the reality of their death. Hospice and palliative care nursing fosters hope for the end of life patient.
The hospice nurse is to take care of the end of life care patient. In this plan of care, the hospice nurses do not do a nursing intervention that promotes health or cure illness, but instead the nurse act as a support tool to make Ann’s lives be as comfortable as possible in her remaining
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Hospice and palliative nurses can provide a professional support to the patient to achieve their final goals in the last phase of patient life. Hospice nurses are well equipped to deal or providing end of life care to dying patients and their families. Humanistic nursing theory can provide a unifying language for planning care and describing interventions. Palliative care is often discussed in terms of holistic care and of a patient and family-centered approach (Santos, Pagliuca & Fernandes, 2007). By understanding existentialism, health is a process of finding meaning in life (Group, 2014). Ann’s existence is minimized. The palliative care model uses a multidisciplinary approach that includes the patient, the family and the community with a view to reducing suffering and griffin offering total care (Santos, Pagliuca & Fernandes, 2007). It aims to provide individual and family support to people who are living with the advanced phase of chronic illness or terminal diseases like Ann to achieve a relief from pain and symptoms and to attend to biopsychosocial and spiritual needs. Also, it focuses on understanding the patient’s individual beliefs, values and the need of a family

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