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This paper will conduct a perspective view on the modern personnel evaluation system of three Arkansas agencies because job evaluations provides plans that are necessarily to provide its own standards of job worth. There would be insight on key factors that should be considered while implementing public personnel evaluations systems. In addition, there would be an outlook on the challenges of public managers that should consider implementing a public personnel evaluation system

To get the accurate measure of your employees’ performance must be organize. Organization set the content of the job with tasks that are associated with knowledge, skills, and abilities. Evaluations make statements just not for
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The first key factor implementing public personnel is communication. “This planning will foster greater understanding of what is expected of employees in the performance of their jobs. Such understanding may help employees gauge their own work progress, develop self-confidence, and improve overall job performance.” (Government Service Branch) This factor can also be known as utility standard. Utility standard is directions were employees and supervisor can communicate about goals, missions, and objectives in a timely and influential rate. The second key factor is feasibility. Feasibility should be practical with the labor to be efficient. Third, factor is accuracy. “The accuracy standards determine whether an evaluation has produced sound information. Personnel evaluations must be technically adequate and as complete as possible to allow sound judgments and decisions to be made. The evaluation methodology should be appropriate for the purpose of the evaluation and the evaluatees being evaluated and the context in which they work.” (Yarbrough, 1994) In addition, this factor will increase the dependability and truthfulness of the employee. Finally, propriety is the standards supports what is right, fair, and legal, within the agency. This also can be called the de fato standard. These key factors are important to implement within personnel evaluation system because it improves communications between employees an supervisors.


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