Parole For The Elderly Essay

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Parole For The Elderly


Evelyn Diaz


Tina Sebring

Paroling the elderly and sick could be the best way to deal with the cost and overcrowding of he prisons. There is a large number of inmates who are elderly and have served half their sentence or more. Even though this is a good idea there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. The most important of these factors is community safety. In this paper, we will discuss the arguments for and against keeping sick and older adult prisoners in jail.

With the rising cost of medical care for the more elderly and chronically ill in the prison system the state has to find a way to bring down costs. One of the ways they are trying to accomplish this
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When these prisoners are released, they will most likely have no form of employment and may be too old or too sick for work. Many states and cities are feeling the financial strain because of the rise in unemployment. It is hard enough for law abiding citizens of any age to get a job, so the releasing more jobless individuals is an added burden to communities. The families who these prisoners come home also to face the added financial burden of having to care and provide for the elderly or sick relative. More government funds would then have to allocate to these communities help with the added costs of housing and the medical care of these released prisoners. Milwaukee, for example, is recognized as a city suffering from poverty. A recent study in the past forty years has revealed that economically no other city has fallen as fast, far, or hard as Milwaukee. In nearly every social index, Milwaukee falls to the bottom of the list. Recent studies have also shown that Milwaukee has a high rate of unemployed Blacks and Hispanics (O’Meara, 2010). The State Department of Corrections spent more that $27 million a year to care for inmates in extended supervision that includes goods, care, and services. Extended supervision is a way to extend something like parole so that older or ill prisons can complete sentence outside prison walls. An additional amount of $5 million was requested and denied by Wisconsin's Legislature. The

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