Parkelite Case Study

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Donna Cooper, the writer hired to pen the 75th anniversary’s book and David Fisher, the corporate archivist for GPC incorporated were the finders of the secrets that could bring the company into ruins. While falling to the ground with a 100 year old writing desk that belonged to the founder, Hudson Parker, Ms. Cooper stumbled along a surreptitious drawer. In this drawer the two found envelopes addressed to Mr. Hudson Parker’s sweetheart, Miss Mary Beatrice White. According to Mr. Fisher’s knowledge this romance between the two must have occurred long before the marriage to Virginia. As they began reading the letters inside the envelope, Mr. Fisher was wondering if there would be any information he could add to the war years of the founder. Once Mr. Fisher …show more content…
The most unethical but beneficial decision would be to not mention the truth to the family and continuing the secret of the late great Hudson Parker. The first option has its benefits and its disadvantages, which could bring down the entire company if the secret becomes public. There are definitely risks that comes with withholding the truth. GPC could lose their patent rights and have to prove if Hudson Parker is the inventor of Parkelite.
For a more ethical approach, GPC’s counsel, Mr. Lowell could do more research and get in touch with someone that is closet of kin to Mr. Karl Gintz and inform them of a misunderstanding and invite them to enter an agreement that pays some respect to the late chemist and his family. As well as give them a lump sum of money or rights to some of the company that can be agreed upon both parties. Then this option has risks of the family believing that they deserve everything and orders the company into another lawsuit case which leads to the reputation and success of the company to deteriorate

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