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Even in the most difficult conflicts, we are never without hope
“The war is over. Once more we can be friends.” Is what the women in the Sumatra camp in the movie ‘Paradise Road’ thought they would never live to hear. Though they were in the presence of conflict, distress, and pure evil for such a long time, a majority of them never lost hope even in the most difficult conflicts and lived to see the day when they were finally set free. Whilst some characters such as Rosemary, whom was confronted with conflict, lost all hope and as a result perished in her misery. In a wider social context there are many cases of women who were prisoners during war who got through by grasping onto something which gave them hope, one of these women is known
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Having hope is ones medicine for mental health. But as for Rosemary she lost her husband which was her hope. Through the loss of her husband she subsequently perished as she felt she had nothing else to live for. Whilst there are people whom don’t have the strength to continue, there are also people who have hope that they hold onto even in the most difficult times, helping them get through.

Wilma young whom was a prisoner from 1942 to 1945 in a Sumatra camp is a great example of somebody who survived through hope. Wilma fought and went against her parents to follow her dreams to join the Australian army nursing Service and was aboard the Vyner Brooke when it was sunk by Japanese aircraft. Wilma fought for her life as she yelled ‘the ships coming down,’ the boat had tipped on top of her and her best friend, losing her friend at the scene. Wilma persisted to fight for her life as she almost lost it many times during the attack. Wilma eventually made it to the Island where she and many other women were held prisoner for 3 years. Wilma didn’t fight to become a nurse to just give up so soon, so she pushed through the 3 years of dreadful conditions in the camp and kept on nursing throughout her imprisonment. Wilma had hope to continue nursing and having her own family once they were set free, and that’s exactly what she achieved once she made it through. It’s amazing how persistence through hope and having no hope can be the difference between survival and perishing.

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