Pride And Prejudice The Movie Essay

Being black and homosexual is some people eyes is two of the most deviant things that a person could be. Being a woman on top of all that just really puts the icing on the cake. The movie I watched was called Pariah. It was the story of a young black masculine identified woman who is maneuvering through her life trying to figure out her sexuality. This movie was deviant because of its focus on homosexuality and masculine presenting women. It is the portrayal of the life as a closeted stud living in a hyper religious household. The mother was a extremist Christian who was going to church as much as possible and would try to change her child so that no one would think her child was gay. This movie just really brought my reality to the big screen …show more content…
Living in a lower economic and social class builds the mindset of keeping up with the joneses. Having someone find out that you are allowing a homosexual in your house discredits you as household. People who live in middle to lower income families are looked at through more of a microscope because they are blamed for most of America’s problems. I believe that keeping up with the joneses mentality is trying to stay away from the stereotype of being what is wrong with the nation. The mother even made Alike become friends with a girl named Bina because she went to their church and was more feminine. She was hoping that her mannerisms would rub off on Alike. Audrey was friends with Bina’s mom also so she was relying on that friendship to help her figure a way to make her daughter normal. Alike also struggled with the economic status of her family because she could not afford the clothes that she wanted to wear. She would borrow clothes from her friend who was a bit more well off than she was. This stopped her from presenting in the way she felt most comfortable therefore women would not acknowledge her as much as they would be if she wore more trendy

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