Essay on Parents Stand Behind Their Children

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Parents stand behind their children offering guidance and protection, until divorce sets in, now welcome to the animal jungle. A child of divorce feels like they have been stranded all alone, left to the wild to figure life out. What would you do if you woke up one morning and everything you once knew was gone? Like a nightmare that won’t go away, you seek those you love the most, to find out they are no longer there. There are many unexpected truths that are capable of destroying your life as you now know it, if revealed. Everyone desires to be loved by someone. That sense of security and having companionship is why most of us get married. To feel like you belong to something. To start a family. The influence of how you were raised as a child, imprints the ideals of how you want your own family to turn out. My parents’ divorce completely changed my perception of life, love, trust, and faith.
Before the divorce, our family lived happily ever after. I couldn’t have asked for a better childhood. Dad worked to support the family and Mom stayed at home tending to the house. The carpets were always clean, with vacuum marks patterning the floors, and laundry was always running. I still have peaceful memories of my mother singing, while hanging Dad’s white undershirts from the clothesline. My favorite time to play outside was right after she hung the clothes out to dry, when a clean, fresh cottony scent showered over the whole back yard. Life felt secure because I had…

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