Parents Should Raise The Intellectual Level Of The Children Essay

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Rescue from Loss The king judged on her robber son to be execute when the church bell ring. The next day, people attended to watch the executions waiting the voice of the bell. The bell rang but everyone did not hear the sound. When the king sent guards to see what happens, they found mother hands bleeding because she put them inside the bell in order not ring. The guards returned and told king, then he gave amnesty to her son. Parents must be wise in order to save their children from the wrong decisions and encourage them to practice useful hobbies for better future and better society. Parents should raise the intellectual level of the children. They must familiarize them with the love of research and reading and help them to choose what they read especially if the children are in their teens. It is an opportunity to learn their issues and their suffering through their choice of decisions at this crucial stage of their lives. Parents should teach their children to be honest at home and with their friends. Moreover, they must identify their children’s friends, so they know what kind of people accompanied their children. Thus, parents can help their children in order not to stumble in the march with bad friends. Also, sports activities help them acquire the skills, experience, and enjoy friendship relation. Several method that parents should encourage their children to do the best are good education, have good manners, and doing exercise. The first way to encourage our…

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