Parents Should Not Adopt Their Parent 's Religious Beliefs On Their Children

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In some cases, children tend to adopt their parent’s religious or nonreligious beliefs. If mommy and daddy or even the grandparents are Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc. then the children will normally follow the family religion or belief, or they will not practice religion at all. There was a court case involving Amish parents who removed their children from school because they believe that school was bad for their child’s salvation. The state questioned whether parents had the right to impose their religious beliefs on their children. The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of the parents. The case was Wisconsin V. Yoder, 1972. The parents argued that influences from outside sources such as their friends, and television tended to influence the belief system taught in their home. If a particular religious belief is practiced in the home and a child is exposed to something different, he or she may become confused. This confusion can cause the child to act out. On the other hand with the lack of discipline and an absence of prayer in the home not providing any moral or biblical foundational balance in the schools the child may possibly display behavioral problems. Family traditions can be good but there need to be open lines of communication to have a basic understanding. Older children often develop skepticism and they begin to question what, why, or who do I believe in. We know from history that religious beliefs have…

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