Parents Should Let Their Children Play Football Essay

893 Words Nov 1st, 2016 4 Pages
A hot topic in this day and age has brought many parents to question whether or not they should let their children play tackle football. This is a sensitive subject to each family because they all share different opinions. Many families allow their children to begin playing football from a young age, whereas others feel that they should wait until their child becomes older. Being able to make this decision comes only from the parents, and the child should respect their decision no matter what. Experiencing this as a child was very tough for me because my parents did not allow me to play until my sixth grade year whereas all of my friends began playing in the fourth grade. Parents should let their children play football because it helps keep them in shape, do better in school, and teach life lessons while having fun. There are plenty of great reasons for children to play football that help develop not only their athletic skills, but also mold the child into a man. This is because the coaches keep their kids conditioned and in shape. By doing this, it becomes a great benefit because it reduces the child obesity percentage throughout the country. We live in a society where an increasing number of children are inactive. According to a 2012 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, one in six United States children are obese. A lack of exercise is one of the major keys to child obesity all because they are not active. Being in good shape at an early age is more…

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