Essay on Parents Set Different Standards For Their Daughters

1484 Words May 5th, 2016 null Page
Do parents set different standards for their sons than they do for their daughters? Everybody looks down at those who stereotype, but is the blame on the parents? Raising a son to be a hardworking man and daughter to be a loving and nurturing mother-to-be then, saying “it’s not a man’s job to fix the car or problems with the house or the women cook, clean, and shop” is setting them up for stereotyping others when they grow into adults. Who do kids idolize the most when it comes to growing up? Fathers are proud when their son has sex for the first time, but want to “kill” their daughter and the boy she had sex with her first time. Do others treat races differently? Being raised as white people may be different than growing up black.
I have a daughter and am pregnant with my son, so I can understand somewhat of the reason why certain parents wouldn’t give their son a baby doll for Christmas or their daughter a fire truck on her birthday. If my children switch toys and he plays with the dolls while she pushes the toy trucks around, pretending to drive, then I am okay with that. I will not go as far as buying him anything pink and saying he has to like it or her any hardware items expecting her to love those as well. I think having these ideas on how boys and girls should be at a young age definitely effects how they grow up looking at life and others. I don’t necessarily think I would set different standards for my children, because they can be who they want to be while…

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