Parents Have The Same Standards And Expectations For A Boy And A Girl

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Have you ever thought your parents have expected more of your brother on education as well as a person? There have been many debates on whether parents have the same standards and expectations for a boy and a girl. Whether people believe they have the same expectations for all of their children not depending what gender they are .As many think and wonder about what truly parents expect from their child since the day they are born. These expectations vary from liking the color blue and the color pink as well as the fact of liking different sports as well as the career they are thinking accomplishing. The parents do this even though they don’t realize as well as society doesn’t have a clue since majority of this is seen in many parts of the nation. The parents need to stop looking at it as it. Therefore it can be seen on statistics and experiences from students. While others might believe the parents do not do this to their child because they claim they are raised as equal and not preferring one from the other. They are wrong.
The fact of having higher standards and expectations is clearly seen by statistics and in math. Likewise this is seen on “Start with intelligence. It’s hardly surprising that parents of young children are often excited at the thought that their child may be gifted. In fact, of all Google searches starting “Is my 2-year-old,” the most common next word is “gifted.” But this question is not asked equally about young boys and young girls. Parents are two and…

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