Parents Fear And Safeguarding Of Children From The Adults Essay

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Norman Chance (1990) explains that incorporating Inuit children into the adults is not for simply to learn how to look after the family when they are older, but are seen to be lack of experiences, children are never rejected from adult world but encouraged to participate, adults take the responsibility to share their experiences, however when the children reaches a point where s/he can decide for themselves, adults will not interfere. Spanish children’s environments are very social and mostly is spent outside playing with other children, their participation in adults gathering is encouraged but far less then the level of Inuit children. Inuit children are welcomed to run around and visit different houses (ibid). This use to be normal in Spain not long ago however, changed recent years due to parents fear and safeguarding of their children from outsiders.

Parenting style

Spain alongside western culture, parent relay on numerous self-help books concerning parental practices that have developed over the years, rather than practices passed through generation, thus no single child rearing style is used. Diana Baumrind (1966) names two features of childrearing conducts, control and warmth. The first refers to the level parents manages to control their offspring by establishing different stages of guidelines and demands, while parent warmth suggests to what extent parent accepts behavior of their children, balancing control and warmth, the following four approaches of…

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