Parents ' Effect On Child Behavior Essay

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Every day in America, babies are born with their own free spirit. However, as they grow, their subconscious is constantly being molded by their parents. Children are bound to their parents’ actions, whether they know it or not. The way an adult acts shapes how their child matures. Children and teenagers in America have a tendency to mimic the behavior of their parents. Therefore, the values and attitudes a parent exhibits during early childhood, influence their child’s development into adulthood. Children are influenced by their parents’ behavior at a young age and imitate this behavior as they grow older. In her article “Parents’ Effect on Child Behavior,” Rose Erickson suggests that “Children are like sponges. They model everything a parent does and incorporate what they see in their own lives” (1). Children are shadows of their parents, acting as they act and behaving as they behave. If a parent is loving and respectful to their child, the child will grow up with self-confidence, teaching the younger generation these same values. However, if a parent is abusive to their child, physically or mentally, the child will grow up with low self-esteem, becoming aggressive and violent. The subconscious mind is a powerful force shaping both human behavior and personality, and a child imitates their parents because of their subconscious. In his article, “The Effects of Parents on a Child’s Psychological Development,” Paul Raeburn asserts that a child’s “subconscious will remain…

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