Parents Are A System Of Peer Culture Essay

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In the article the author talks about what parents should be doing to monitor their children while they are online. The age group that is focused on the most is teenagers and there are a few different examples that are used to show what parents can do to monitor what their children are doing on social media. One thing that this article touched upon that was also in our text was that families are a system of peer culture. The textbook mentions that families do not live in isolation but they having connections with other groups. When teens use social media this is a form of peer culture, so when parents monitor or limit this activity it can have an effect on the way a child develops social skills with others peers. For example if a child is held back from doing something online like engaging in conversation with friends through social media, their first instinct in real life may be to not engage in conversation when in person. Another section of the textbook that this article relates to is that certain people in a family have more power authority than others do. Parents really have the right to tell there children what they can and can not do until a certain age, so if they want to ban them from a particular social media site or even the internet all together then can do that. This would obviously get the children angry but sometimes parents have to do what they think is best for their children and if that means no form of communication over the internet than that’s what it…

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