Parents And Educational Policy Makers Essay

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Parents and educational policy makers share the common view that a good education will unlock the door to endless opportunities towards success and in return enable disadvantaged minorities to improve their life. This belief is one of the beliefs that has been part of the American dream; however, inequality between minority group education and white education, such as the low funding of schools in minority communities, and the likeliness of a school in a Black neighborhood closing speaks otherwise. As important as this issue seems, especially in Chicago, more and more Chicago Public schools are closing down and nobody is taking a stand to solve the issue. Despite the policies attempting to improve education, there still remains an unequal opportunity in towards a good education in America; moreover, the economy of America will suffer exponentially if action is not taken because the corruption limits the economic and social development of the country.
First of all, communities that have large amounts of minorities are funded unequally. An educational system which accommodates primarily to wealthier individuals in certain communities is a broken system at best and is in need of proper assessment.When approaching this issue one important question to ask is, has desegregation succeeded? While looking at statistics, they all suggest there is a strong relationship between race and social class in public schools. It is said, “ Two-thirds of African-American and Hispanic…

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