Parents, And Childhood Obesity Essay

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Parents and Childhood Obesity
A few hundred years ago people had to live off the land and supplying food, water, and shelter for their children and themselves. As we fast forward to the present day though, many things have changed. Many parents do not care about their children’s diets or exercise resulting in children becoming obese at younger ages. Some parents today influence their children towards unhealthy lifestyles because they do not care. Most parents today without even knowing influence their children negatively on what they should or should not eat. For example, when parents decide to get a kid 's meal with a toy for their children the kid learns that when they go to a fast food restaurant they get a toy which makes them want to come back for more toys. Also, when parents go to the grocery store most of them do not look at the back of something to see the nutritional facts, but rather put it in the cart depending on whether them or their children like it. In addition, while grocery shopping some parents allow their children to pick out snacks that are filled with fats and sugar.. In “A Tax That Invest in Our Health” by Richard Daines he 's says “ we consume about 300 calories more a day now than we did 30 years ago, and most of those extra calories come from sugar-sweetened sodas, energy drinks, or fruit-flavored drinks”(632). Parents are supposed to be role models for their children so when all they eat is unhealthy food and have no physical activity their kids…

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