Essay about Parents And Blame For Childhood Obesity

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Melissa Ortiz
Professor Laurenty
English 101
28 November 2015
Parents to Blame for Childhood Obesity
Rosie, an eight year-old girl, is sitting down eating breakfast on a traditional August morning. She ought to be very excited for today because it is the first day of school for her. However, Rosie is quite the opposite. She has tears in her eyes and a troubled expression as she explains to her mother that she does not want the kids at school to treat her the way they did last year. Rosie’s mom tries to comfort her by adding more pancakes to her plate and assuring her that it will not happen again. Nonetheless, Rosie remembers kindergarten and how the other children chose to ignore her because she is “fat.” Rosie is, indeed, an obese child. However, she is not alone in her fight. Childhood obesity is a growing problem with damaging physical and mental implications. According to Dr. Rebecca Moran, a doctor of family medicine in Arizona, she states, “from an early age, society stigmatizes obese people as lazy, stupid, slow and self-indulgent.” She further argues that “children, as young as kindergarten, would rather play with a child who is bound to a wheelchair or disabled to one who is obese.” Therefore, Rosie’s fear of rejection is justified, while her mother’s assurance is disproved. Unfortunately, Rosie’s mom refuses to see the problem at hand, as she is the reason Rosie is obese. In fact, parents are the ones to blame for the condition of their obese children.
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