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Xenia Burgara Marajan Hazrati English 103 January 29, 2013 Parenting Every parent has his own personal philosophy of child rearing. Many issues are controversial because there are supporting facts to both opinions. One major issue in today’s society is whether to breast or bottlefeed an infant. Another difficult issue is how to discipline a child. Some parents believe that spanking in certain situations is acceptable, and some view it as child abuse. Many parents believe religion is

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I think this is important time for the bonding to occur.
Discipline is another decision that must be made when raising a child.I believe spanking, with limitations, is necessary in disciplining a child. Discipline means to teach, not to punish. I know that some parents cannot discriminate the difference between beating a child and lovingly correcting a child. For that reason, I believe some parents should not spank their children. I do not believe that a child should ever be abused, but I think it is ridiculous to consider all spanking child abuse.
In some cases, a light tap on the bottom is necessary. “In order for spankings to be effective, a child must be capable of understanding what it is the parents are trying to communicate. Typically, children who are not spanked seem to be more rebellious. This could be a result of no consequences after disobedience. Children who are spanked by loving parents tend to appreciate that they were spanked. Spanking can accomplish the immediate task of stopping the misbehavior and gaining the child’s attention. A child that is loved will not resent a well deserved spanking, but a child that is unloved or ignored will hate all types of discipline
I do not think it is necessary to spank in every circumstance. I believe other means of discipline are necessary in many instances. The more a child is spanked, the less the spanking will mean. Time outs or reduced privileges can be
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