Essay on Parenting Styles : Permissive, Assertive And Neglectful

825 Words Oct 8th, 2016 4 Pages
Nowadays, there are three major recognized parenting styles : Permissive, Assertive and Neglectful. All carries different characteristics and brings different reactions within the kids. Parenting styles such as Permissive, Assertive and Neglectful can be beneficial to the children. It’s necessary to keep in mind that relationship of each parent and kid is totally different, thus there is no one way to follow parenting. I believe that the quality of parenting is more important than the quantity of the time spent with the kid. Parenting styles represents how their parents demand and respond to their children. Parents tend to create their own styles as children go through completely different stages in life. People believe that the parents who give their children proper love, nurture, independence and control, have the children who seem to possess higher levels of competency and are also socially versatile and proficient. Permissive parenting is a type of parenting which is characterized with high responsiveness and low demands. Permissive parenting is also known as indulgent parenting. These parents are responsive but not demanding, they are very loving and nurturing, however they set few guidelines and rules. Their rules and guidelines are inconsistent and they don’t tend to expect mature behavior from their kids. Such type of parents takes status of friends more than that of a parent. Kids that are raised by permissive parenting are good at…

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