Parenting Styles On Children 's Academic Achievement Essay

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Parenting Styles on Children’s Academic Achievement Motivation in the U.S and Japan
Aiko C. Soriano
Los Angeles Harbor College

Watabe and Hibbard (2014) compares the influence of parenting styles on children’s academic achievement between the United States and Japan. Parenting styles are correlated to a child’s academic motivation and ultimately to his/her overall success and accomplishments. The study was done using two questionnaires: The Parental Authority Questionnaire and the Achievement Goal Questionnaire (Watabe & Hibbard, 2014). In this study, it was found that there was no difference in academic achievement motivation between the United States’ authoritative parenting style and Japan’s authoritarian parenting style (Watabe & Hibbard, 2014). Watabe and Hibbard (2014) used this study to compare cultural differences in parenting styles; however, there were no significant differences between American and Japanese children on academic achievement motivation for doing well in school.

TITLE OF YOUR PAPER GOES HERE Previous studies have shown that authoritative parenting is associated with positive academic outcomes for Western children and better academic goals with authoritarian parenting in Asian children (Watabe & Hibbard, 2014). This study focuses on the impact of parenting on academic achievement motivation. Academic achievement motivation, “the force or push that galvanizes, directs, and sustains the learning process and…

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