Parenting Styles Effects

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Effects of Different Parenting Styles on Children’s Success
Have you ever wondered why a person ends up the way they do? The moment a baby is born their life is set in motion. Each person experiences life differently from another person. Psychologists often look at the nature versus nurture aspects and how they both differently contribute to the outcome of a child. The nurture aspect can be examined by observing people’s behaviors, attitudes, and personalities. Each of these things evolve in every person as a result of their experiences, family, friends, and more. All of these aspects contribute to and shape each person into the people they will become; whether this is successful or unsuccessful, smart or not so smart, talented or not. Over
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There are four main types of parenting that are examined in psychology. The four types are authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and neglectful. The first parenting style is authoritative. This type of parenting mainly focuses on the child. Parents work with their children and have high expectations on their behavior and success. They have strict rules and disciple according to the rules. The second type of parenting style is authoritarian. They expect a lot from their children, but do not show approval or disappointment when they children meet or do not meet their expectations. If an authoritarian parent does show a response to their children and their actions, it rarely is a positive or accepting reaction. The third type of parenting style is permissive. This type of parenting is very “peace-love”. They aren’t strict and rarely have rules, but are very reactive. They hold a friend relationship with their children, not really promoting growth or maturity. The fourth parenting type, neglectful parenting, remains detached from their children. They have no concern for their children, how they act, or where they will end up. All of these types of parenting effect their children in a number of ways and studies conducted have examined these …show more content…
These studies either look at a particular type of parenting individually or compare two different types of parenting. One such study looks at authoritative parenting and how it effects children’s success (Strage & Brandt, 1999). This study showed that parenting style did have an impact on their children’s success while they were in college. Another study compares authoritative parenting to authoritarian type parenting (Douglas & Teri, 2000). In this study, Douglas and Teri examined how these types of parenting effect a child while playing sports. Children who experienced authoritative parenting during sports had parents that were very supportive and were able to experience the sport separate from any stress from their parents. Children who experienced authoritarian parenting during sports felt a lot more stress from their parents to win. In turn, this then negatively affected their experience and success in the sport. Another, fairly recent, study examined the effect of permissive parenting on their children’s motivation (Pomerantz & Kempner, 2013). Pomerantz and Kempner examined positive, person, praises versus negative, process, praises and how they effected their child’s motivation in school. Those who received more person praises showed less motivation in school. Another study also examines parenting styles that they found to be faulty (Manaster, 1983). This study found that authoritarian parenting is

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