Parenting Styles Are The Best Way Of Parenting Essay

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Parenting What are the different types of parenting? Aisle three at Brookshires. She and her toddler were looking for Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. Her toddler gets a can of corn and holds it up longingly. She brusquely tells him to put it up, dragging him away by his hair.
The household of a house of two. The mother, drunk and sober, letting her son go as he pleases. The parking lot at Wal-Mart. He and his child were heading to the car to leave. His child asks his dad if he could go and get a lot of candy. All parents teach their children in a different manner. The main different types of parenting styles are authoritative, neglectful, and permissive.
Authoritative parenting would be the kind of parent that uses consistent rules and discipline once the rules are broken by the child. (Authoritative Parenting Style: How Does It Work?). Experts say that the authoritative style of parenting shows the most positive results, therefore the best way of parenting the child. A child that ends up being raised in an authoritative manner tend to have strong self regulations skills, self confidence, happier attitudes, being overall more capable of dealing with everyday tasks, being happy and successful. (Authoritative Parenting Style: How Does It Work?). Using the authoritative parenting style would not only immensely help the child, it will also help the parent in taking care of the child by giving the child expectations and high standards.
When the parents use the authoritative…

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