Essay about Parenting Styles And Children 's Life

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When a child is born, the question often pondered by new parents is “how are we going to discipline or parent our child?” The way parents choose to discipline their child can play a serious role in the social aspects and development of a child’s life. While some children 's childhoods might be filled with fun and excitement, others might be filled with hours of extensive academic work and high demands. Parenting styles differ from region to region; for example, parenting styles in the East seem to be more iron-fisted compared to parenting in the West where discipline is more carefree and informal.
Parents in the East tend to push academic perfection and overall excellency of the child; whereas, Western or American parents, tend to push the child, but not in such an extreme way. Western parents tend to want their children to enjoy life rather than spending all of their lives studying. Some parents may even be using a parenting style called “helicopter parenting.” While these types of parenting might be beneficial to any child, a mixture of all three can mold one’s child into a well-rounded human being.
Helicopter parenting is a parenting style often contrasted to the way many parents in the East choose to discipline and control their children. Don Aucoin describes helicopter parents in this way: “even after the ‘kids’ have turned 18, 19, 20, and beyond, helicopter parents try to micromanage their lives” (225). Helicopter parents are often compared to Eastern parents…

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