Parenting Styles Affect A Child 's Life Essay

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Parenting plays a big role in a child 's life. Because parents are always around when a child is growing up, they can influence a child in either a negative or positive way. They have control of the way they raise their children. Each parenting style can affect a child emotionally and psychologically. Parenting styles can decipher the relationship parents have with their child. Based on how parents raise their children usually determines what parenting style you use. Parents generally fall under four categories: The assertive parents, The bystander parents, The liberal parents, and The overbearing parents.
The assertive parenting style seems to be a very effective and a useful style of parenting for a child. These types of parents help the child recognize a healthy environment. An assertive parent can speak to their child without judging them, which allows the parents to have an insight into their life. These parents create rules that the children are expected to follow, but will always listen to the child 's opinion, and encourage them to discuss different options. They always have high expectations of their child, but give them the support they need to succeed in life. Assertive parents create an environment for their child where they are able to be responsible for themselves and learn from the consequences. Parents using this style allows their children to grow up to be happier, develop great social skills, and become self confident. The bystander parents is the most…

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