Essay about Parenting Style And Parenting Styles

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The second survey the participants were administered focused on parenting styles. The participants were given three sets of questions that were related to three different parenting styles. However, the participants did not know which questions went along with which parenting style(s). The survey titles that identified which parenting style corresponded to specific questions were eliminated and changed to “Parenting Style, #”. This was done to avoid any biased against parenting style perception. The questions on this survey were based on a 6-point scale range with 1 being never and 6 as always (Robinson, Mandleco, Olsen & Hart, 1995). Some of the questions for Authoritative, Authoritarian and Permissive parenting styles were: “I’m responsive to my child’s feelings and needs.”, “I explain the reasons behind my expectations:”, “I explode in anger towards my child:”, “I remind my child that I am his/her parent:”, “I find it difficult to discipline my child:” and “I ignore my child’s bad behavior:” (Robinson, Mandleco, Olsen & Hart, 1995).
The third survey was White-Campbell’s Psychological Birth Order Inventory (PBOI), which consisted of forty-seven questions that required “yes” or “no” answers. This specific survey has been used in many birth order studies and is classified as a self-report survey which measures the different experience(s) a participant has had throughout his or her lifetime, and aides in his or her perception of birth order position whether it’s…

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