Essay Parenting Is Not An Easy Job

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All mothers want their children to be successful, but the Chinese out do all other ethnicities. Parenting is not an easy job. It takes hard work and dedication, something the Chinese manage to do very thoroughly. Chinese young, do not have the freedom that a child in western culture would have. They grow up in a very disciplinary environment. The mothers make sure of this. Chinese mothers have more successful children because they do not allow their kids to have a large social life or do anything they find that could impair or derail their success, they talk down to their children when they rebel or make a mistake, to straighten their attitude, to encourage, and show them what they’re doing wrong, and they are willing to put in the time, to dedicate to their children.
Chinese mothers do not allow their children to do the majority of the things western families do, because they feel it takes the child away from important goals. Amy Chua, mentions that children in her culture are not allowed to play with others outside of school, play computer games, or watch TV. (Chua “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” paragraph 17) Chinese children have to stay focused, without distractions in order to make good grades, and, or focus on practicing their music. The mothers do not allow their children to get any grade below an “A.” Also, these guided youth are only allowed to play either the piano or violin. These strict rules that the mothers give their children are not to punish or hurt…

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