Parenting and Education During Early Childhood Essay

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Parenting and Education during early childhood

Jan 4, 2012
Tra Ahia

Parenting and Education during early childhood This paper will discuss various forms of caregivers, parenting styles, and early childhood education. Topics covered are: • Evaluate the different types of parenting styles and their influence on development during infancy and early childhood. • Compare and contrast at least two different kinds of caregivers and the positive and/or negative impacts on development during infancy and early childhood. (examples: stay at home parent, daycare, grandparent, and nanny) • Discuss how early childhood education has evolved and its impact on cognitive development in early childhood.
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Some potential causes of these differences include culture, personality, family size, parental background, socioeconomic status, educational level and religion. Compare and Contrast Over the years child education has evolved from the old fashioned simple lectures and drill styled lessons of the past. Instead of the one dimensional process of teaching, it is based around not only learning by repetition but what motivates a child, using different means and medias to teach. By including all the kids and making it engaging and fun for them the kids are not only able to learn the material but to take the next step by using what they had learned. Theorist Piaget’s stated that children learned through a process called Concrete operational thought. In short this is the ability of a child to process experiences in a logical manner by the age of 8. The other big part of his theory revolved around perception. Where as a child of 9 years old lets’ say distinguishes between different types of bugs a child who is five years see all bug being the same even if nine happen to be ants and one is a grasshopper. In that younger child’s mind that separation hasn’t been made yet. Through all of Piaget’s experiments they showed that around the age of eight is when this ability is found in children. Piaget’s thought was that the main way of learning for kids was more through a process of

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