Parenthood And Its Effects On Women 's Health Care Essay

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According to the House of Representatives, on September 18, 2015, a bill was passed to block fundings towards Planned Parenthood with votes of 241-187. Upon the passing of the bill, there was a decrease to women’s health care and made them feel like they could not seek help when necessary. The funds they were getting allowed women to get help with birth control, cancer screenings, sexually transmitted infection testing and other services. Planned Parenthood is there to help with those circumstances and give advice. Without their help, women and young teens are more likely to have unplanned pregnancies. Also, Planned Parenthood offers many other services, helps men with issues they need taken care of, and without the funds given; where would all these people go to get their health care and why are the funds being blocked to begin with? Journalists have different views on the situation of losing funding for this women’s health clinic and leads to conflict from participants that are for or against the bill given.

Planned Parenthood all started back in 1916 when Sanger, and her sister, opened up their first birth control clinic in Brooklyn, New York. After it all began, Planned Parenthood became one of the most popular women’s health clinic in the nation. This clinic gives services on the morning-after pill, birth control, STI testing, pregnancy testing, and abortion. Although these services provide tremendous help to hundreds of thousands of women, there has been a conflict…

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