Essay about Parental Rights and Roles

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Parental Rights and Roles BSHS 342
May 9, 2011 Parental Rights and Roles
Parenting is a task that has gone on for generations and helps prepare the next generation for physical, emotional, economic, and social situations. Parents have a major influence in the development of children. The parent-child relationship exerts the most significant and compelling influence on his or her children’s development during childhood.
Factors in society today, like poverty, unemployment, urbanization, increased population growth, increase in crimes and drug use, and the break up of the traditional family unit has families in a state of flux and re-definition. The results of these society-wide changes have many debilitating influences
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Changes take place in the sexual area, in parent-child relations in which one parent assumes the principal responsibility, and in the economic structure of the family. In a divorce situation two households are formed, and the parents must reach an agreement on who assumes the role of primary caregiver and decision maker of the children. The primary parent with which the children live will be responsible for day-to-day decisions, school decision, medical decisions, and basic needs.
Determining the roles and responsibilities of each parent is sometimes difficult for divorced couples to agree upon. The best interest of the child or children is sometimes hard to determine. Families struggle in many situations to agree on where the children should live, how they should be raised, and who is permitted to be around and actively involved in the children's lives. According to (Hyden, 2001), after a divorce, the former couple will need to develop new relationships between themselves as parents, and with their children.
Rights and Roles of Grandparents
Grandparents are increasingly taking on the parental role in children’s lives. The 2000 United States census determined that in 4.2 million households, grandparents are the primary caretakers of children under the age of 18. According to the 2000 census a total of 5.8 million households with children under 18 also includes grandparents living with them (Dye & Simmon, 2003).

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