Essay about Parental Responsibility For Jake And His Daughter

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Jake and his younger sister, Amelia, have been seen on a number of occasions and they have both been wearing appropriate clothing and they were clean and tidy. However, it seems that the parents actually provide very little care for Jake. Despite the parents having parental responsibility, Carol, paternal Grandmother, appears to be Jake’s primary carer. Carol, not only ensures Jake attends school, but she takes full responsibility for ensuring that Jake’s appearance is well-maintained. Stacy has told me that Carol tends to Jake’s clothing, whilst Jake informed that his grandmother takes him to the hairdressers. According to school, Jake is not the smartest dressed child, yet he is always dressed appropriately.

It appears as if most of Jake’s basic needs are met by the Paternal grandparents. Jake states that Carol allows him to play outside, yet grandmother knows where he is and Jake apparently keeps in contact with her via a walkie-talkie. Jake is experiencing dental issues, however, he has indicated that his grandmother, Carol has shown him how to brush his teeth.

Mum feels that she does not have the attachment with Jake, like she has with Amelia. Mum said she will cuddle Jake when he is upset, but wonders why she is doing it. Stacy later added that she pushes Jake away when he goes to her and Jake responds by shouting at his mother. According to the mother, Jake is quite disrespectful to her and calls her a ‘bitch’. Stacy also can talk negatively about Jake…

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