Parental Responsibility And Control Over A Child 's Life Essay

1500 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
Introduction By definition, an individual is recognized legally as having parental responsibility and control over a child’s life. They also have custody over the child. A legal parent is tasked with the responsibility of making decisions affecting the child on physical care, education, and control over their daily activities. A legal parent is required by law to support the child financially. In most states, an individual who isn’t a legal parent has no right to making any legal decisions on matters concerning a child. Even in cases where the individual resides with the child or plays the role of a parent (NCLR, 2016). For example, when a person is not a legal parent in some states, they cannot consent to a child’s medical care or approve activities that the child might want to engage such as a school trip.
Literature Review Furthermore, a non-legal parent might not have rights to a child custody or visitation rights in case something happens to the child’s legal parents. Non-legal parents may also have no ability to entitle the child as a dependent for things like health insurance (NCLR, 2016). Also, when there is no will asserting otherwise, no child has the right to inherit from an individual who is not their legal parent or family member. Therefore, when a legally married couple decides to have a child, it is automatically assumed that they are the legal parents to the child. This statement implies that should the couple divorce; both parents…

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