Parental Monitoring, Lack Of Parental Behavior Essay

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lack of parental monitoring, lack of parental trust, lack of parental communication, conflict with parents, the presence of peers, and susceptibility to peer pressure correlated with a high amount of bullying behavior over the course of one’s school years (Pepler et al. 334) Over the course of time they found that the behavior of bullying the risk factors were the same, but the problems with the parents were not. This shows that the disfunction or the absence of parenting can have its toll on a child and this best predicts their bullying behavior.
The line between bullies and victims of bullying is not as different as you may think. For example, in the interview of young offenders by Cullingford and Morrison, a lot of the offenders admitted that they once bullied someone and has been bullied themselves. One of the young offenders said “Because I had like an aggression problem, cos of what happened through me life. I can get worked up really easy…fighting was a big problem. I 've calmed down a lot now” (Cullingford and Morrison 555).In the bullying world “fighting” is a sign of bullying. One of the other young offender said “I started getting ' bullied as well…I didn 't like it at all…Take things off me, steal things out me pockets, y 'know, just silly things in them day (Cullingford and Morrison 556). This shows that being bullied can be a result to becoming a bully.
Cullingford and Morrison observed that “many children have been both victim and bully. In fact it may be…

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