Essay on Parental Licensing And Parental License

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Parents; Are They Actually Qualified? Growing up, children deal with many problems including drama, self-esteem issues, etc., but what they shouldn 't have to do is worry if they will have food that night. Many children go home each day not knowing if they will be fed or even acknowledged. To fix this issue we as a country should introduce parental licensing. This is not as horrible as it seems. We would set an expectation of parents that all that want to have kids must meet or exceed. This is not to detour people from having kids, but to keep children out of bad homes. By enforcing parental license we could keep unfortunate children out of bad homes or give parents a reason to go back to school. Parental licensing could potentially help millions of kids in the long run. Many children in America grow up in homes where they are not safe. They deal with abusive parents or parents that spend all their money on drugs. Growing up like this causes trauma in a child’s life that they should not have to deal with. The best way to tackle this problem would be to nip it right in the bud, by making parents receive a license before they can be parents. This doesn 't mean people can’t become pregnant without a license it just means they will be required to have one to keep the child. Many people disagree with the idea of parental licensing, but if a parent can’t take care of a child, why let the child go through the trauma in the first place? These kids in bad homes aren 't going to…

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