Parental Involvement In High School Case Study

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In this study parent involvement in high school is being examined in different capacities to see if there is an effect on student achievement and mental health. Parental involvement, according to the article, is defined as a “multidimensional construct, including involvement at school, involvement at home and academic socialization” ( ). The study focused on three things, “(a) the effects of different types of parental involvement on high school on student academic achievement and depression, (b) the meditating role of academic engagement in the association between parental involvement and adolescent outcomes and (c) whether these association vary by ethnicity and socioeconomic status (SES)” ( ). The self-system theory was used to examine the relationship between parental involvement, academic engagement, achievement and depression.
The study participants were from 10 public high schools within a diverse city in the United States. The study included 53% White students, 40% African American students and 7% other biracial or other ethnic minorities. Data was collected three times. The first cycle was collected in fall of 10th grade, the second cycle took place in spring of 10th grade and the last cycle took place in spring of 11th grade. For the most
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The assessment was multiple choice and measured home-based involvement, school-based involvement and academic socialization. The Home- Based Involvement scale included five items and focused on how often parents structured after-school time for study and provide enrichment materials and events. The school based involvement scale consist of five items focusing on the amount of time parents attended school events and volunteered at school. The Academic Socialization Scale also included five items that focused on how parents communicated educational goals, values and aspirations and discuss plans for the future with their

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