Parental Involvement And Its Effect On Children 's Education Essay

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A parent’s involvement in their child’s education can greatly shape how their child does throughout their schooling career, as well as beyond into the workplace. Whether the parents are too deeply involved by becoming a ‘helicopter parent’, or the parent isn’t involved at all and does very little to participate in any aspect of their child’s education. At what point does becoming too involved or having no involvement at all affect the child on a scholastic level? And does the difference of location and parenting style have any affect on the child? Parenting styles in North America and Southeast Asia can be very different from one another, leading to our differences in worldview, parenting, and culture.
Literature Review
Parental involvement in North America comes in many forms, which range from a parent becoming completely absent all the way to the stereotypical helicopter parents. Many parents believe that their own involvement in the child’s life will shape their child into what they view as the perfect student. Some parents may also make sure that their children fulfill certain aspects of life that they never did. If a parent only believes that their role is to get their children to school, it is unlikely that they will be actively involved in extracurricular activities (Hornby & Lafaele, 2011). However, parents who believe in their own ability to help their children do well in school can either have a positive or a negative affect. If the parent believes that they do…

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