Parental Involvement And Its Effect On Children Essay

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Introduction The United States has experienced ongoing changes since the 1920s, but parental involvement has proved to remain critical in student achievement. Before the child begins school, the first teachers are the parents within the home. At home is where children learn the values instilled in them for the rest of their lives. Parental involvement promotes the social and emotional growth of a child. The attachment between a child and a parent is an emotional and learned behavior. This attachment in a parent and child relationship forms the basis for a child to trust or not to trust their environment (Gestwicki, 2000). The parent and child attachment is essential for a child to trust adults, such as teachers, and the social development to make friends. The more quality time that children spend with their parents, the more positive they feel about the way they are being raised. (Galinsky, 2001). While student success relies heavily on factors such as attendance, test-taking abilities, and study habits, research shows parental involvement has a significant impact in the classroom. Parent involvement is defined as families and communities who take an active role in creating a caring educational environment (Galinsky, 2001). Parents who are actively involved with their children’s education are parents who consistently illustrate nurturing, effectively communicate with the school, volunteer at the school, and assist with learning at home (Galinsky, 2001). To…

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