Parental Involvement And Child Development Essay

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Children who derive from low-income families have a disadvantage of not being equipped to enter kindergarten. Studies show once a child is behind, they usually don’t meet the standards. As a result, Head Start wishes to promote parental involvement in their child’s life to enhance the chances of development and academic success. Head Start is the largest government financed early years program in America, close to one millions low-income families and children have received services. The Parent Involvement in Head Start and Children’s Development: Indirect Effects Through Parenting article is a research article including “1,020 three-year-old children over three waves of the Family and Child Experiences Survey” (Ansari and Gershoff, 2016). The authors hypothesized that the main foundation of the Head Start program is parental participation, which can lead to improvement in parenting behavior creating a positive impact on the child. There are three potential parenting mediators vital toward child progression that the authors explore to validate their hypothesis, cognitive stimulation, spanking, and controlling behavior.
Cognitive stimulation is important for child development; therefore parents need to invest in their child. An investment doesn’t necessarily mean money; the authors talk about parents investing their time. For example, reading a book to a child can improve their literacy ability and counting can improve their number dexterity. On the other hand, cognitive…

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