Parental Favoritism And Parental Behavior Essay

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When it comes to favoritism in a parental situation, parents may not know if it is a form of abuse or not. Everybody have their own opinion about parental favoritism. Every parental favoritism is different too so it depends on the situtaion if it is abuse or not. Parental favoritism is when one child is liked or favorited more than the other. Accroding to The Smothers Brothers, this doesn 't mean that its abuse if a child is being asked to do chores because his sibling is sick. It means one child is doing chores on a daily basis while the other sits and play video games the whole day on a daily basis (The Smothers Brothers). As a kid, it is tough being yourself with a pack of siblings. This makes life even more difficult since you have to compete. You always have to do your best and try your hardest so you won 't be the least to your arents eyes. There are a couple of versions to why one child is perffered over the other. One of the reason is birth order. Birth order have three stereotypes that people usually stereotype them. the first born, which is the oldest child is favored because they are the first one to be born and is considered as the family heir (The Smothers Brothers). The first child are considered as a natural leader, amnitious and responsible. With these chareacteristic, they oftend to be the most favorite usually sons are more favored than daughters. "Tends to apply more to sons than daughters. Since old inheritance laws favor boys over…

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