Parental Effect Of Peer Pressure Essay

1956 Words Apr 18th, 2016 null Page
People think that most delinquents are caused by parental effects but peer pressure is a common cause. Between the ages of 8-14 children are more dependent on the opinion of their friends. There is no difference in gender when it comes to peer influence both genders that show aggressive signs end up having a hard time in relationships and often turn to criminal activities. Peers have a great effect on one another, they may each share the same situations and can relate to one another this is why the influence is much at risk. The types of friends a person has is the type of effect that can be caused on a person. If they choose to hang with a “popular” clique then what ever that popular clique does then they most likely will follow. Those who also have anti-social problems and are not accepted by peers when they do find people to hang with they take leadership roles and engage in criminal activities. Peer pressure occurs through different ages, it usually begins in the early stages of adolescents and the middle years. Throughout the years of being adolescence, people want to be accepted by peers and are easily influenced by their peers. They feel the need to imitate their peers and become involved in the same types of activities as their peers. Usually when someone is being peer influenced they associate themselves with people who are involved in delinquent acts. Besides peer pressure being a link to delinquency abuse is also a cause of gang affiliation leading to delinquency…

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