Essay on Parental Education Levels And Family / Domestic Violence

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Parental Education Levels’ and Family/ Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is defined as the infliction of physical harm or injury on an intimate partner or family member. This form of violence is typically found in families where the aggression is geared between the parents. This form of violence not only affects the perpetrator and the victim, it affects those who witness and are exposed to the violent abuse as well. Violence that occurs in the family can cause detrimental effects to those witnessing the abuse, which in families are most likely children. Families that experienced family violence have been shown to experience increased incidences of substance abuse, eating disorders, adolescent violence, runaways, sexual aggression, early onset of consensual sex, and suicide (Elliott et al., 2002). Low parental education is linked to lower levels of family integration and an increase in family violence (Kitzmann et al., 2003; Kuo, 2000; Pettit et al., 2009) leading to psychological and physical child abuse (Spriggs et al., 2009). The study done by Wilson et al. (2006) found that family turmoil was actually strongly related to anxiety and depression.
Exposure to Violence. Children and adolescents exposed to physical violence between their parents are confronted with behaviors they are not developmentally able to understand (Elliott et al., 2002). When a child first witnesses violence between parents and or family members, they witness the lack of boundaries within family…

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